On-Site Glazing Seal Condition Inspection and Replacement Evaluation.

Facility / Community Management

Peter Aiello has consulted on facilities throughout the islands for decades.  He well-understand the financial and administrative limitations working with community organizations, their attorneys and management executives demand.

A licensed architect in Hawaii since 1981 Aiello offers, a heightened degree of professional accountability to complement his wide-reaching technical expertise, not provided by less experienced unlicensed firms .

Related Project Management Services

The inspection of the area(s) of concern  

• Written and photographic reporting for client approval

• Assemblage of a Scope of Repairs for client acceptance 

• Creation of binding technical bid documents in graphic and written format 

• Aid the client in bidding and awarding and contracting your project with a licensed contractor, and  

• Manage / administer project construction to assure the client that the work is completed as contracted and to meet client approval

• Project closeout, warranty and  project recociliation completes the work

With his certification as a Technical Forensic Consultant, Mr. Aiello is qualified to provide your legal team with technical support in litigation generally associated with design defect, material defect, construction defect support, product warranty, contract and life-cycle matters. 

On request, Mr. Aiello can provide his Federal Evidentiary Disclosure Statement - FRE Rule 26 Form.


Having recently completed an assignment with a mainland firm specializing in major high rise building exterior refurbishment and repair projects, Mr. Aiello continues this involvement in the following project types with ADG:

• Asphalt Concrete and Concrete Paving / Replacement Projects 

• ADA Barrier Discovery and Removal Projects 

• Concrete Spall Repair Projects 

• Deck Leak Discovery and Repair Projects 

• Full Service Building Envelope Assessment, Scope of Repairs Documentation, Contractor Bidding and Negotiating, Construction Administration 

• Structure Recoating Projects 

• Glazing Seal Replacement Projects 

• Parking Lot Repair and Replacement Projects 

• Pool Leak Detection and Repair Projects 

• Roof Assessment, Repair and Replacement Projects

Chateau Waikiki - Roof Inspection & Replacement Project, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

GM of this AOAO called originally thinking the rooftop AC equipment was leaking through the roof slab into the penthouse units.  Our inspection revealed multiple failures in the roof Membrane, not the AC.  Our SOR and documents were used to negotiate reasonable price the work. 

Crack Tracking in Structures

Settlement and expansion cracking in structures are tracked and documented under ASTM standards.  Information is used as the basis for engineering and repairs or replacement.

Keola Lai Condominium - Facility Assessment and Repair Project, Honolulu, Hawaii

The GM called to assess the source of what was thought to be a leak in the pool shell.  The pool, located at a raised recreation deck above retail spaces, had been leaking for months.  Reviewing the construction drawings, construction photos and other documentation, it was determined that the cause of the leak was not the pool shell, but was caused by leaking membranes in raised planters causing water to migragte between the  rec deck surface and the structural slab.  Invasive inspection and dye testing data confirmed the source and aided in the determination of the repair.

Ala Moana Hotel - ADA Barrier Discovery and Removal, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

Hotel client requested an ADA assessment for the property.  Having been built in the '60's, accessablilty to the main lobby did not meet current DOJ ADAAG standards.  Our solution included adjusting gradients of access routes, installation of a chair lift, signage, new parking layouts and striping.  Construction time was limited to 30 days with emphasis on minimal disruption  hotel guests. Project completed on time and at budget. 

One Waterfront Tower - RFP Roof Assessment and Repair Consulting Services, Honolulu, HI

The GM requested a proposal to provide services for the assessment of the roofing conditions, develop a Scope Of Repair (SOR), provide bid documentation, bidding and administrative services during construction.  

Ala Wai Canal - Revetment Assessment, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

Built in 1928, this 2-mile long man made waterway has had a problematic history for the City and State since its inception.  At present, deteriorating conditions in the basalt rock revetment structure and foundation failures have caused severe degradation of the concrete promenade running its length.  Additional attention has been brought regarding life safety issues and known ADA violations.  With a fall distance greater than 30-inches to the water, ADG proposed a handicap friendly guardrail system For the full length.