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ADG is a professional consulting entity offering client services in project planning, architectural design, project development - management, bid package development, contract negotiation and construction administrative services with a fundimental focus on construction defects, facility assessments, scope of repairs, building envelope repairs, leak detection, waterproofing, peer design phase reviews and ADA barrier discovery and removal. Post forensic discovery assignments largely grow into litigation support engagements requiring expert testimony in deposition and trial.  The distinguished CFC designation, carried by Mr. Aiello, contributes to the weight of testimony a forensic professional presents and helps substantiate the validity of the evidence presented, the application of specialized knowledge to support the facts in a case, and the relevance of the evidence.


Our careful examination of a facility, under the provisions of various ASTM Standards for Visual and Testing Methods, starts the reporting process resulting in an initial draft report that is reviewed with the client insuring completeness and comprehension.  The report includes photographic representations and dialogue of each of the conditions of concern. Once approved by the client, we generate a Scope of Repair for use as the basis for the development of Bid Documents for the repair work.  Bids are received, contracts are signed and the repairs proceed with our overview of the work to the assurance and satisfaction of the client.  


After the investigation of the matter-at-hand is initiated, we generally meet with the team to report our findings and examine the likely causes and effects discovered.  Among the alternatives to consider - that may include a construction defect, deviations in contractual obligations, a design team peer review or any of a hundred other potential costly concerns – we use decades of involvement in the design and building industries to contribute to a favorable conclusion.  


Along with having an understanding of the means, methods and techniques of the General Contractor, the Architect and the Engineer, the “forensic architect” becomes the “analyst” of information discovered during the investigation.    While appropriating and decrypting information, the analyst must overcome, or at least recognize and manage, the weaknesses and biases of one’s normal thought process.  Generally, we tend to perceive what we expect to perceive, and that pattern of expectations may lead subconsciously to an incomplete or incorrect finding missing what is important or how to accurately interpret what was seen.    Lastly and most importantly, the analyst’s must establish a mindset that predisposes thinking in certain ways and affects the way one incorporates new information into the mix.  Over the decades Peter Aiello has become comfortable with ambiguity and contradiction, to constantly train himself to question the obvious, to consider alternative hypotheses / scenarios and “make the call’ - sometimes in the absence of sufficient information and most often in high-stakes situations.

Services We Offer:

Architectural Services:

  • Architectural Design, 
  • Programming,  Planning,  Scheduling,  Budget Projection, 
  • Conceptual Design through AutoCAD Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Coordination of Consulting Services
  • Government Agency Approvals
  • Contractor Bidding and Negotiation
  • Value Engineering and 
  • Construction Administration

Forensics and Project Management Consulting Services:

  • Building Envelope Assessment, Repair Scope, Documentation, Contractor Bidding and Negotiating, Construction Administration.
  • Concrete Spall Repair Project Management,
  • Plumbing Waste Line Replacement Project Management,
  • Project Level Peer Review, Analysis and Reporting,
  • Construction Defects Discovery and Resolution,
  • ADA Barrier Discovery and Removal

Witness Expert, Litigation Support Services:

  • Administrative Law Matters
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Support
  • Building Code Violation Investigation and Resolution
  • Condominium Association / Creation / Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Defect Litigation Support
  • Construction Delay Analysis / Valuation
  • Contract Disputes
  • E&O Professional Design Disputes
  • Expert Testimony at Deposition and Trial
  • HOA Matters
  • Land Use / Entitlements / Unilateral Agreement Matters
  • Material Science Investigation and Resolution
  • PEX / Plumbing Litigation Investigation Protocol
  • Public Utility Matters
  • Property / Project Acquisition Analysis
  • Real Estate Development Dispute Matters
  • Standard of Care Review – Design Professional Peer Review
  • Toxic Torts in Construction
  • Waterproofing Design Consultation
  • Wind / Earthquake / Lateral Forces Litigation Investigation Protocol

Development Consultant and Management Services:

  • Property acquisition and due diligence
  • Preliminary planning, best use and greatest ROI analysis
  • Create and maintain revenue projections, budgets and schedules
  • Engage and liaise with consulting architects, engineers, real estate attorneys and sales brokers
  • Organize and control design process
  • Secure all required approvals and permits
  • Control costs, negotiate/ bid construction contracts
  • Design and supervise civil site work projects
  • Design and supervise building projects
  • Act as general building contractor to benefit costs, reduce risk and control overall project supervision
  • Supervise aftermarket warranty work (reserves)
  • Supervise project close-out services, as-built documentation, street dedication, close out of project insurance and bonds

* denotes projects with working relationships with other firms.

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