Real Estate Development

Aiello Development Group, LLC

The Company is a Limited Liability Company organized in 2003 as a foreign entity in the State of Hawaii with its primary business office located in Honolulu, HI.  The Company acquires zoned and entitled property, creates master plans for residential developments, performs financial risk analysis, arranges financing, contracts to build infrastructure improvements, designs product, acquires building permits and contracts to construct housing products for sale throughout the State of Hawaii.

Aiello Development Group is  also associated with a subsidiary construction entity, AT Contractors LLC (B26003), for the purpose of closely managing and contracting with its trade partners and subcontractors on projects owned and controlled by ADG.

Consulting Services - Real Estate Development

Property acquisition and due diligence 

• Preliminary planning, best use and greatest ROI analysis 

• Create and maintain revenue projections, budgets and schedules 

• Engage and liaise with consulting architects, engineers, real estate attorneys and sales brokers 

• Organize and control design process 

• Secure all required approvals and permits 

• Control costs, negotiate/ bid construction contracts 

• Design and supervise civil site work projects 

• Design and supervise building projects 

• Act as general building contractor to benefit costs, reduce risk and control overall project supervision 

• Supervise aftermarket warranty work (reserves) 

• Supervise project close-out services, as-built documentation, street dedication, close out of project insurance and bonds