Comprehensive Building Solutions: Facility Assessment, Design, Analysis, Project / Construction Management, Testing, ADA Barrier Discovery and Resolution,   Risk Reduction for Every Aspect of Your Structure.

From site preparation to building completion, or any point between, project management oversees the relevant elements of the design and construction processes.  

Our involvement begins much earlier in the project than others do.  Since we take full responsibility for the ultimate success of the project, we begin by assisting our client in  property acquisition, ROI analysis, the selection of the design team, planning the building program, formulate the preliminary scheduling and budgeting.  

After the preliminaries are established we oversee, organize and review the development of the building plans, as well as the preparation of Owner / General Contractor agreements usually based on documents sanctioned by the AIA.  We actively take part in interviewing, bidding and hiring contractors for proposed projects on behalf of the client.  We generally review the cost estimates based on equipment, materials and labor requirements, hold on-site project meetings, approve payments and close out the project. 

Architectural project managers ensure that construction projects meet environmental, safety, structural, zoning and aesthetic standards.  Often, we are requested to determine and schedule different stages of the building process according to our client’s needs.  

During construction site visits, we monitor progress and ascertain whether phases of the construction process are in compliance with building plans and project deadlines.  

After building completion, project managers may provide additional services for the project’s closeout and also future expansion and relocation efforts.